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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Gluten Free Sushi is Really Gluten Free

At the end of a long week, one of my favorite weekend fun activities involves a glass of chilled white wine and sushi from one my favorite sushi bars. You might be thinking what I’ve always thought, “Raw fish, rice and seaweed…its so very simple and delicious, what could possibly go wrong?!” Isn’t the how most gluten horror stories start out?  The bastardized American version of sushi with it’s fancy sauces and deep fried wonder creates a ton of hiding places for gluten. That’s right my friends, gluten has found a way to ruin yet another good thing for us glutards, that is if you don’t know what to avoid. But you can all consider yourselves saved, my gluten free sushi lovers, because I’ve put together a quick list of 5 major gluten containing sushi accoutrements to avoid on your next sushi date! Tempura. Fancy word for battered and deep fried.…