gluten free pasta salad

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Beautiful Carb-Free Gluten Free Mediterranean Pasta

My obsession with all the little details can get really annoying (just ask my husband). It’s also just plain exhausting. When my best friend had her baby shower, I killed myself finding the perfect party theme….”born to be wild” with jungle accents if you were wondering. I painstakingly made every decoration by hand and I spent way too much time making deliciously adorable gluten free monkey faced cupcakes that nobody really ate…wahhhh! (maybe that “fun” project will find its way onto TDK) When my son turned one, I HAD to throw a huge lake themed party complete with an invitation full of fish puns. Again I poured my time into preparing dinner for 50 people and making some really cute birthday banners and a sign that read “the BIG one! Yes, I am aware of how annoying this blog makes me sound but there is reason I bring all this…