Welcome to the Gluten-Free Tribe. We created the tribe as a place where you can share everything gluten free. We’ve all been in situations such as:

  • When your significant other’s grandma asks you at the dinner table what happens to you when you eat gluten
  • Slowly dying inside at the office pizza party
  • When the person in front of you at Dunkin gets a whole box of munchkins as you weep behind them
  • The instant sense of joy when you meet a new friend who is GF

Why not laugh, cry, vent, etc. together? They say there’s power in numbers and it’s about time we all felt empowered by our digestive imperfections. Let’s share the good, the bad, and the gross in celebration of what makes us unique. We are gluten-free AF.

We invite you to join our private Facebook group and start sharing. The more the merrier — except for haters, ¬†keep your gluten opinions to yourselves. Positive vibes only.

As the tribe grows, so will its perks. It is our dream to take this community to the moon in back. Stay tuned and grow with us <3

With love,

Gluten Free Tribe