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Avoid These 4 Common Gluten Free Mistakes

I’ve been living a gluten free lifestyle for over 10 years and while it does get easier over time it will always take discipline, planning and due diligence. Throughout my journey I’ve made all sorts of mistakes and I’m so happy to have a platform to be able to share the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Let my experiences help you avoid these common mistakes made by those that are learning to live gluten free.

4 Ways to Avoid Gluten Like a Pro

It’s a common gluten free dilemma…you’re at the store and you are trying to determine if the jar of honey roasted peanuts you are about to purchase is gluten free. Some may not even think twice about the gluten free status of the peanuts but gluten is one sneaky s.o.b.! Which is why it’s so crucial to check packaging labels and understand what it is you are eating. Don’t worry though, with these 4 fool proof tips you can avoid gluten like a pro: