Gluten Free Struggles

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Gluten Free Sushi is Really Gluten Free

At the end of a long week, one of my favorite weekend fun activities involves a glass of chilled white wine and sushi from one my favorite sushi bars. You might be thinking what I’ve always thought, “Raw fish, rice and seaweed…its so very simple and delicious, what could possibly go wrong?!” Isn’t the how most gluten horror stories start out?  The bastardized American version of sushi with it’s fancy sauces and deep fried wonder creates a ton of hiding places for gluten. That’s right my friends, gluten has found a way to ruin yet another good thing for us glutards, that is if you don’t know what to avoid. But you can all consider yourselves saved, my gluten free sushi lovers, because I’ve put together a quick list of 5 major gluten containing sushi accoutrements to avoid on your next sushi date! Tempura. Fancy word for battered and deep fried.…

10 Ways to Celebrate National Celiac Disease Awareness Day!

Happy National Celiac Disease Awareness Day! It might not the most glamorous name for our special gluten free day but its legit baby!  In honor of this special day we’ve thrown together a top ten list of things us glutards can do to celebrate this extraordinary gluten free life we share: Show TDK How You Get Down on Celiac Awareness Day. Be sure to follow TDK then tag us on Instagram and get freatured! @thededicatedkitchen Throw a Gluten Free Pizza Party! Call up your closest gluten free friends and chow down for Celiac Disease Awareness. For one of our fav gluten free pizza recipes click here. Have a Gluten Free Recipe Swap. Share your favorite gluten free recipes with other glutards and get some yummy new ones for yourself. Show Us Your Green. Green is the official color of Celiac Awareness so show your support by wearing green today. Subscribe to the TDK Newsletter.…

6 Tips for Staying Gluten Free On-The-Go

When you have a food allergy you know first hand that food prep is much more than just a means for saving time or ensuring portion control. One of the biggest challenges on any given day, particularly for those who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, is making ensure that you have something safe to eat whether you are: at school, work, an event or running errands. Here are some useful tips for making delicious and nutritious gluten free meals ahead of time. Pick a Day. To save time making meals, choose a day to perform all your shopping and food prep for the week. We recommend sticking to a Sunday schedule. Make a Plan. Make a list of your go-to meals and snacks choosing simple recipes that can be made quickly or in bulk. Then plan out what you’ll eat for every snack and meal. As you start to stockpile recipes this step…

Top 8 Tips for Detoxing After Ingesting Gluten

Ok, so you just accidentally ingested gluten (or intentionally, no judgements passed), now what? Recovery from gluten ingestion varies by the amount ingested as well as by each individual’s reaction. We’ve talked to gluten free friends that have suffered from things like hives, rashes, diarrhea, constipation, lethargy, sore joints, heavy limbs, exhaustion, bloating, brain fog, anxiety, and depression. But no matter the reaction, it seems like the general consensus is the same, all we want to do is curl up into a ball and disappear until its over. Its like a hangover but without all the fun leading up to the hangover. Luckily, The Dedicated Kitchen has thrown together some of our favorite detoxing tips to help nurse your gluten hangover. Morning Cleanse. We recommend starting your day with an 8oz glass of room temperature lemon water to help cleanse your system. Hydration. You need to flush your system so keep that water…

5 Ways to Improve Your Self Control When it Comes to Food

This piece isn’t just for glutards, it’s for anyone that has ever struggled with self control when it comes to food.  Pizza is and always will be one of my greatest vices which is why I ate an entire gluten free frozen pizza for dinner last night. But, instead of beating myself up I just pretend Ryan Gosling is giving me a little pep-talk. Something like “Hey girl, I love the way that pizza grease shines off your chin.”

Avoid These 4 Common Gluten Free Mistakes

I’ve been living a gluten free lifestyle for over 10 years and while it does get easier over time it will always take discipline, planning and due diligence. Throughout my journey I’ve made all sorts of mistakes and I’m so happy to have a platform to be able to share the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Let my experiences help you avoid these common mistakes made by those that are learning to live gluten free.

4 Ways to Avoid Gluten Like a Pro

It’s a common gluten free dilemma…you’re at the store and you are trying to determine if the jar of honey roasted peanuts you are about to purchase is gluten free. Some may not even think twice about the gluten free status of the peanuts but gluten is one sneaky s.o.b.! Which is why it’s so crucial to check packaging labels and understand what it is you are eating. Don’t worry though, with these 4 fool proof tips you can avoid gluten like a pro: