Gluten Free Living

10 Gluten Free Hacks Anyone Can Use

Last week I posted a rant about why a 30 day Gluten Free challenge is a complete waste of time, and I still stand by my convictions. That being said, I applaud anyone’s efforts to be a little more health conscious in how they eat and think about food. For that reason I am letting all you gluten mongers in on my best  gluten free tricks of the trade. These 10 gluten free hacks are actually more like easy low or no carb alternatives that anyone can use.

Dairy Free, Gluten Free Muffins That Actually Taste as Good as They Look

Lets be real, gluten free ingredients come at a premium and gluten free baking takes a lot of time, effort and money, especially with the whole trial and error thing.  Luckily, making perfect gluten free muffins is a lot easier than you think. Considering I am probably the laziest gluten free baker there is, you know I’m telling the truth. There is no shame in my game, I want all the glory and none of the pain. Which is why I’ve learned how to make the most perfect golden brown, moist, chocolatey and delicious gluten free muffins with minimal effort and a few good tricks!

News Flash: Flourless Does NOT Necessarily Mean Gluten Free People!

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation on the internet when it comes to gluten free living and it’s a huge pet peeve of mine. Labels can be confusing and if you don’t know what you are looking for you might make some mistakes that can effect your health (if you have Celiac or a gluten intolerance). Lets make one thing clear, unless a product or food is specifically labeled gluten free then you can bet your precious little intestinal villi it probably isn’t, or you run the risk of contamination!