Product Review: The Primal Pantry’s Raw Gluten Free Paleo Bars

The Primal Pantry is a popular paleo snack brand in the UK that specializes in healthy on-the-go paleo snacks made with real non-gmo ingredients. It wasn’t until recently that Primal Pantry became accessible in the United States, so obviously, we had to try them as soon as we could get our hands on them.  Here’s what happened!

Snack bars of the paleo variety are more of an acquired taste. Generally speaking they tend to be a bit dry, hard and difficult to chew. Some people enjoy that “hardy” texture. It can be easy to by-pass the grittiness if the flavor is on point.  These raw paleo bars are surprisingly moist (for a protein bar) and the flavors were decent although a little acidic.

Overall there is a lot to like about Primal Pantry’s paleo products. Their raw bars are free of gluten, grains, refined sugar, dairy and vegetable oil and do not contain GMOs. Primal Pantry also uses only 4-5 real food ingredients in each of their snack bars, all of which are hand-made and jam packed with protein.

The biggest draw backs we noticed:

  1. The bars are small but required a disproportionate amount of chewing. Your jaw WILL be exhausted!
  2. Beware of really hard pieces of nut and/or nut shells. While eating the Brazil nut bar I bit down on a particularly hard bit of nut and literally thought that I cracked a tooth.

Chew at your own risk!



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