Minty Fresh Summertime Sun Tea

In the summertime you will always find a jug of sun tea brewing in the hot summer sun on my porch. I love love love a tall icy glass of minty fresh unsweetened summertime sun tea (try saying that 5 times fast) on a lazy afternoon or while relaxing after spending the day down the shore or out on the lake.

I usually opt for regular or green tea but you can make sun tea with just about any type of tea. I’ve been dying to try this with hibiscus tea!  I also love to play with flavor variations like infusing the water with mint leaves, peaches, raspberries, or lemons.

How to Make Minty Fresh Summertime Sun Tea

In a lidded container, gallon sized works best (recycled milk jug, oj jug or water jug) fill to the top with water and place three to four tea bags (your choice). Next add in fresh mint leaves and secure the lid. Give it a good shake to help activate the tea bags and place in a nice sunny spot. A front or back porch works really well but if you need to improvise, a sunny windowsill works well too!

gluten free mocktail

In the summer heat nothing is better than an ice cold, naturally sweet sun tea. It’s light and fresh on its own but its also great as a cocktail or mocktail. I highly recommend mixing it with Tito’s Vodka (it’s made from corn and completely gluten free!) and a splash of lemonade. Or ditch the alcohol and try one of my go-to preggo mocktails. Start with caffeine free sun tea and add a splash of peach lemonade and a splash of club soda.

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