Gratify Gluten Free Product Review

I first noticed Gratify products in my local grocery store a couple of years ago. Prior to that it seemed like Glutino had really cornered the market on gluten free snacks and crackers.

I won’t let myself get too carried away but my pet peeve with Glutino includes the steep price point and that the packaging leaves more to be desired. I’m not talking about the look and feel but the actual quantity.

Gratify on the other hand, is a little more affordable and you a get a little more bang for your buck! By the way this is NOT a sponsored post, this post is based on my own personal opinion.


My favorite Gratify product used to be the pretzel crips with sesame seeds but I recently discovered Tuscan Herb Pretzel Crackers and now I’m hooked. They are buttery, crisp and full of flavor. I’ve been snacking on them all week…I just can’t stop!

I might sound crazy but I also love when a food product is as appealing to look at as it is to eat.  I mean look at those delicious little crackers (see featured image). They are so full of texture and that golden brown color, they really do photograph well!

gratify gluten free snack product review

It doesn’t matter if your party guests are gluten free or not, no one will know the difference (they are that good).

Suggested serving ideas: sliced cheese, hummus, or olive tapenade.






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