Cheers to Celiac…5 Reasons I’ve Learned to Appreciate My Celiac Diagnosis

At times adjusting to life after my Celiac diagnosis really sucked …the word deprived comes to mind. Initially, it was really hard not to focus on all the foods I could no longer eat. I can recall throwing a lot of side eye
at my friends/family as I picked at a salad (dying on the inside) while they callously ate bread, bagels, doughnuts and pizza around me.

Super dramatic, I know!

Eventually I got over all the hard feelings and learned to appreciate my Celiac diagnosis in ways I never expected. In fact, looking back on the past 12 years of gluten free living I realize how much it has transformed more than just my diet.

  1. The first benefit I noticed from gluten free living was a major improvement in my mental health.  I’ve posted before about Celiac and mental health, this was a change that occurred within a week of changing my diet. Before my Celiac diagnosis I thought depression and anxiety were things I was just going to have to live with for the rest of my life.
  2. I never used to eat breakfast then I’d binge out on carbs and pre-packaged foods later in the day. It was a viscous cycle.  My gluten free diet forced me to take real responsibility for what I was putting into my body. I’ve learned so much about how food is made and what ingredients to avoid, aside from just gluten.  Ultimately, the more I learned, the more informed my decisions became and the healthier I felt. This trend also spread to the product choices I made related to skincare, beauty and my home.
  3. I’ve posted quite a bit about how eating gluten free isn’t necessarily eating healthier- You still have to make the right decisions people! Whether you are gluten free or not the healthiest choices are still fruits, veggies and lean meats. I’ve cut back almost entirely on pre-packed foods and incorporate loads of fruits and veggies in my daily food choices.
  4. In a domino effect, eating healthier gave me more energy. As a result staying active and routinely exercising became a fixture in my life that I can’t live without. I honestly look and feel the best ever in my life!
  5. Finally (and this is something my Husband appreciates I’m sure!) being gluten free helped teach me how to cook. I’ve mentioned in prior posts, one of the best ways to avoid gluten is to prepare meals yourself. I find cooking to be a creative outlet and I love trying to recipes and eating healthy good food that I know won’t make me sick!

A Celica diagnosis is life changing in many ways. It’s easy to focus on all the negativity, especially during the early stages. I can’t stress enough how important a positive outlook is to overcome life’s challenges.




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