Gluten Free Diet a Fad for Weight Loss?

The gluten free industry is booming but with that growth comes the push-back and criticism from those…. Hmmm…How to I put it gently? “Less informed” individuals that chalk it up to a mere diet fad. Nothing irks me more than the phrase “gluten free diet” and here is why…

The word diet is almost always synonymous with the word fad. And what are fads? They are nothing more than a craze or behavior that makes it into the mainstream only to disappear as soon as the novelty wears away. There is nothing temporary about the fact that those who suffer from Celiac or a gluten intolerance can only find relief from following a strictly gluten free way of life.  It is far more than just a “diet” and certainly not one that will fade out and be replaced but the next diet trend.

The word diet almost always implies weight loss and it seems that the gluten free diet has become a bit of a trend nowadays, mostly because people think it will make them lose weight. If you do not have an intolerance to gluten, cutting it out of your diet may actually have negative effects on your health. Honestly, no one with Celiac embarks on a gluten free diet for weight loss-these are people that are suffering and dealing with a serious health issue.  Unfortunately the only relief is again, a very restrictive gluten free lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong! I am infinitely grateful for the many gluten free brands and products that have made living a gluten free lifestyle a lot more convenient than it was just 10 years ago. I believe that it’s very important to remind people that THERE ARE NO medications, treatments, or cures for Celiac or any degree of gluten intolerance. The only treatment option is maintaining a strict gluten free lifestyle. Referring to our treatment as a fleeting diet fad is indicative of a lack of knowledge on the issue, further its a bit insensitive and just plain untrue!

End rant!

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